Coffee is the world's most popular drink after water and we are proud that this commodity is Ethiopia's gift to the world.

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Besides undertaking its major business activity, our company carries out different social responsibility activities which could help those who are in need and assist development projects that will have long term effect.

In this regard, a yearly budget of usd30,000 is allocated to permanently help the following organizations.


  1. Cancer society of Ethiopia
  2. NIA Foundation (Joy center for children with autism and related developmental disorders)
  3. The childrens heart fund of Ethiopia
  4. Addis Ababa University - School of Neurology: to establish and assist the school to train medical students in the field of Neurology. It is considered that this will have a wider social impact as the students who graduate from this school will be assigned to treat and assist those patients who have neurological defects or nerve problems through out the country.


In addition to this, we give donation for those development projects that have got wider impact by evaluating  and assesing their projects.