Coffee is the world's most popular drink after water and we are proud that this commodity is Ethiopia's gift to the world.

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About us

LATA Agri Export is a division of ALTA Computec PLC (exclusive partner of Dell Corporation USA in Ethiopia). LATA is supplying different varieties of Ethiopian coffee to the foreign market. The major purpose of our organization is to actively involve in a business where coffee producers can rely on fair market prices, constant demand and buyers and the end consumer can be satisfied by outstanding products at a competitive price.

We at LATA strongly believe that quality and reliability are our guarantee for continuity and growth of our business and of our partners as well. We understand and highly value partnership and thus we are committed to respect our clients’ needs and our quality and level of service conform to internationally accepted standards and in particular to the  best satisfaction of our customers.

We are solely committed to exporting the greatest coffee in the world and sharing the greatest relationship around.

Our company is well known for its credit worthiness and the smooth relation that it has with up channel partners, financial institutions and customers.

We also have a very wide customer base on both the import and export activities who depend on our products and services. Our continuous interaction to collect feedback, provision of quality products and our timely delivery is the basis for having a very wide and satisfied customer base.

Our mother company, ALTA Computec PLC was established in 1994 as an importer and distributor of information technology products. Since then it has been working as the exclusive partner of DELL International and successfully introduced Dell Computers, Servers, Laptops and Printers to the local  market. By exercising and continuously applying a customer focused approach, Dell products have become the most preferred choice in the country’s IT market. With this, it has earned a pioneering status in the IT industry of the country. Currently ALTA computec is the leading IT products and services provider and a well established player in the Ethiopian IT Industry.